British magazine reports Akhundzada's assassination of Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Baradar hostage ...

The Haqqani network has become very aggressive in gaining power in Afghanistan. The conflict between the Baradar group and the Haqqani network over power-sharing has turned bloody. The meeting also discussed the shooting of Baradar.

The Taliban have been torn apart since taking power in Afghanistan. A British magazine has claimed that Taliban leader Hibtullah Akhundzada has been killed and Deputy Prime Minister Mulla Baradar has been held hostage for fighting for a seat. The struggle for power is between the Haqqani Network, the Taliban’s only two group, and the Taliban. The magazine also said that Mulla Baradar had suffered the most in the quarrel.

Baradar seeks to give non-Taliban rights in Taliban government A British magazine reported that a meeting between the two Taliban factions took place in September. There was also a time when Haqqani leader Khalil-ul-Rahman Haqqani got up from his chair and started punching Baradar. Baradar was constantly pushing for non-Taliban and minorities to be given seats in the cabinet of the Taliban government. So that other countries in the world recognize the Taliban government.

Baradar went missing for a few days after the melee and was later found in Kandahar. According to the report, Baradar met with tribal leaders, who also supported him. However, a video message was created by putting pressure on Baradar. The magazine claimed that it appeared in the video that Baradar had been taken hostage.

Akhundja has been missing for several days
The report on Akhundzada said it was not yet known where he was. He has not been seen for some time and has not released any message. In these circumstances, it is being speculated that Akhundzada has died. The Taliban have never seen such a struggle for power before. The Taliban and the Haqqani network merged in 2014. Baradar sought to present a different image of the Taliban, which the world recognizes, while the Haqqani network promotes suicide attacks. Khalil Haqqani, Afghanistan’s refugee minister, has been added to the United Nations’ list of terrorists. There is also the issue of Haqqani’s direct connection to Pakistan


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